Photo of Stephan Albin

Stephan Albin

Personal Evangelism Training
Sermon: Message of a New Testament Martyr
Email: StephanJAlbin [at] gmail [dot] com
Website: www.NewSojourners.com

Photo of Virgil Evans

Virgil Evans

Preaching and Children's Evangelist
Kansas City, Missouri
Email: gospelvehicle [at] gmail [dot] com

Photo of Michael Goering

Michael Goering

Preaching Evangelist
Email: Michael [dot] Goering [at] gmail [dot] com

Photo of Gaylord Mustin

Gaylord Mustin

Preaching Evangelist
Sermon (The sermon is wrongly attributed to Pastor Randle.)
Email: mosaicbiblefellowshipgm [at] gmail [dot] com

Photo of Samuel Nelson

Samuel Nelson

Preaching Evangelist
Kansas City, Missouri
Email: SNelson11053 [at] student [dot] mbts [dot] edu

Photo of Darin Smith

Darin C. Smith

Independence, Missouri
Email: darin [at] towerviewkc [dot] com

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